Board & Management

The AMMRF board is composed of an independent chair and the deputy vice-chancellors in charge of research (or their nominees) from the participating universities, plus the AMMRF Chief Executive Officer. The Facility Operations team, comprising the node directors and Chief Executive Officer, meets regularly and reports to the board.

Board Members

Dr Greg Smith, Chair
Prof. Laurent Rivory, University of Sydney
Prof. Peter Davies, University of Western Australia
A/Prof. Grainne Moran, University of NSW
Prof. Joe Shapter, University of Queensland
Prof. Michael Brooks, University of Adelaide
Dr Douglas Robertson, Australian National University

ITUAG: International Technical and User Advisory Group

Our strategy is informed by ITUAG and strategic connections with peer organisations overseas. In the context of Australia’s National Research Priorities, ITUAG consider:

  • world’s best practice in research facility operation and management
  • technology forecasting
  • improving the AMMRF user experience
  • performance metrics that enable international benchmarking

ITUAG Members

Prof. Wolfgang Baumeister, Max-Planck Institute for Biochemistry
Prof. Jodie Bradby, Australian National University
Prof. Christian Colliex, Emeritus CNRS Research Director
Dr Jan Ellenberg, EMBL
Prof. Hamish, Fraser Ohio State University
Dr Rob Hough, CSIRO
Prof. David Joy, University of Tennesee
Dr Tom Kelly, CAMECA
Dr Richard Leapman, NIH, Bethesda
Prof. Xiaozhou  Liao, University of Sydney
Prof. THOMAS Maschmeyer, University of Sydney
Prof. Anders Meibom, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne
Prof. Paul Midgley, Cambridge University
Prof. Michael Monteiro, University of Queensland
Prof. Paul Munroe, UNSW Australia
Prof. Allan Pring, Flinders University

Prof. Colin Raston, Flinders University
Prof. Paul Robinson, Purdue University
Prof. Tim Senden, Australian National University
Prof. Bob Sinclair, Stanford Universty,
Prof. Jason Swedlow, University of Dundee
Prof. Hans Tanke Leiden, University Medical Centre
Prof. Palli Thordarson, UNSW Australia
A/Prof. Paul Verkade, University of Bristol
Prof. Simon Watkins, University of Pittsburgh
Prof. Tim White Nanyang, Technology University
Prof. Brian Wilson, University of Toronto
Prof. Dongke Zhang, University of Western Australia
Prof. Jin Zou University of Queensland