From idea to grant applications, from training and data collection through to writing papers – we support Australian research. We also tailor advanced microscopy services and access for business and industry.


Access advanced microscopy
Specimen Preparation
Biological & Materials
Cell Culturing & Molecular Preparation
Thermomechanical Processing

Light and Laser Optics
Confocal, Fluorescence & Optical Microscopy
Flow Cytometry & Cell Sorting
Live-cell Imaging
Vibrational & Laser Spectroscopy
Laser Microdissection

Scanning Electron Microscopy
Imaging & Analytical Spectroscopy
In-situ Imaging & Testing
Electron Backscatter Diffraction

Transmission Electron Microscopy
Imaging & Analytical Spectroscopy
Cryo-Techniques & Tomography
Phase & Z-contrast Imaging
Electron Diffraction

Advanced Ion Platforms
Nanoscale Mass Spectroscopy
Atom Probe Tomography
Ion Milling & Machining
Ion Implantation

Scanned Probe Techniques
Atomic Force Microscopy
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
Near-field Scanning Optical Microscopy

X-ray Technologies
X-ray Diffraction
X-ray Fluorescence
X-ray Micro- and Nanotomography

Visualisation and Simulation
Computed Spectroscopy
Computed Diffraction
Image Simulation & Analysis
Data Mining