High-Throughput Cryo-TEM Facility (UQ)

The facility is built around a Tecnai G2 F30 TWIN 300 keV Field Emission Gun (FEG) transmission electron microscope. Incorporating a range of purpose built holders that can be cooled effectively to liquid nitrogen temperatures, the instrument is designed to collect high-resolution data on biological active molecules and organelles. This instrument incorporates the latest in digital capture in the form of a bottom-mounted 4k by 4k Gatan Utrascan 4000 SP digital CCD camera.

The instrument also includes an embedded Gatan Imaging Filter (GIF) system, which will allow imaging information to be obtained based on the elemental distribution in the specimen. This microscope is supported by a range of the latest in sample preparation equipment specifically designed to ensure that biological specimens can be prepared with minimum interference or damage prior to examination using electron microscopy.

Capabilities & configuration

  • Whole cell tomography
  • Single particle macromolecular imaging
  • Protein crystallography
  • New 300 kV FEG instrument
  • Electron optical column optimised for biological microscopy with advanced cryo-transfer system
  • Specialised cold-trap
  • Automation for remote use
  • High-resolution digital image acquisition system

High-throughput cryo-TEM stage

  • Dramatically improved sample throughput for tomography studies;
  • Improved S/N giving rise to significant resolution improvements,
    (7Å resolution for single particle work);
  • Provides more core time on flagship instruments for high-end tomography studies;
  • Provides a comprehensive suite of instruments capable of producing tomography and crystallographic data over a wide range of sample types.

Example images

Investment in the latest technologies (e.g., ultra-high-resolution CCD cameras, specialist cryo-holders etc.) will create a world-leading platform for high-throughput molecular biology.

Three-dimensional map of the archaeal thermosome holoenzyme.


Dr Matthias Floetenmeyer, Cryo EM Specialist/Lab Manager
t: 07 3346 2935
e: uqmflote@uq.edu.au

Centre for Microscopy & Microanalysis
The University of Queensland