Grant advice

Instrument time, preparation materials and staff input need to be included in the budget of research proposals to funding agencies. Our downloadable guide shows how to incorporate the costs of accessing the AMMRF into ARC and NHMRC funding applications.
Helping your applications succeed

teamwork young peopleWith the ’Research Environment’ as one of the ARC selection criteria (worth 20%) in Discovery Projects, the AMMRF not only meets your needs for microscopy and microanalysis, but also forms an important part of the research environment that you need to describe in your project. To help you do that, more details about techniques, instruments and expertise can be found in our online resources, MyScope and Technique Finder, or by contacting your local node.

Proposals to funding agencies require detailed costings; for example, numbers of samples, estimated analysis hours and justification of why the characterisation techniques are required for the project. For all applications, you should attempt to estimate the time required per specimen; separate estimates of time per technique are valuable to include where using more than one instrument.

Conservative estimate of time required per sample

Transmission electron microscopy: 3-20 hours
Scanning electron microscopy: 0.5-4 hours
X-ray diffraction: 1-24 hours
Confocal or atomic force microscopy : 3-20 hours
X-ray microtomography: 1-15 hours
Atom probe tomography: 6-12 hours

For more information, download our step-by-step Grant Application Guide