NCRISIS averted

The recent crisis resulting from the NCRIS funding being linked to the passage of the higher education bill brought out a wonderfully diverse and committed array of NCRIS supporters amongst the research community and the media. Many spoke out on radio and TV, in the newspapers and through social media. We played our part in highlighting the success of the NCRIS program and the impact that its cessation would have on Australian science. Below, we present a selection of media and press coverage that follows the story and our contribution to it.

General stories on NCRISIS
SMH 15-12-2014
SMH 18-02-2015
The Australian 27-02-2015
ABC AM with Les Field and Tanya Munro 06-03-2015 mp3 and transcript
Nice overview from AAS via Storify

Media featuring the AMMRF
SMH 05-03-2015
Simon Ringer interviewed on The Wire
AMMRF COO, Miles Apperley, and Sydney node Lab Manager, Ms Ellie Kable, interviewed on ABC PM mp3 and transcript

Our Tweets
For many more Tweets search Twitter for #NCRISIS

Report to the Senate
Principles of the Higher Education and Research Reform Bill 2014, and related matters Chapter 3 (17 March 2015)

Pyne finally backs down
Read the article or watch the video

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