Thai visitors take home new-found expertise

The AMMRF welcomed two Thai scientists, Witoon Wattananit, from Silpakorn University, on a two-week visit to the University of Sydney node and Man Tuiprae from Chiangmai University on a nine-month visit to the University of New South Wales node. Witoon came to get an inside view of the management and operation of a busy core characterisation facility from a user’s perspective. While Witoon was in Sydney, with assistance of AMMRF staff, he undertook a project to examine tiny fresh water crustaceans by using transmission electron microscopy and X-ray microtomography. He collected good images and data that he will analyse further back home. The real impact of his visit though, is the new found knowledge and experience that he has taken back home and will implement at Silpakorn to manage users and operate their characterisaton facility.

Man Tuiprae, a materials scientist, came to analyse hard, wear-resistant coatings. Aside from the acquisition of experimental data, Man was also able to learn a range of new experimental methods, such as focused ion beam microscopy and transmission electron microscopy, not readily available in his homeland. Man not only gained considerable microscopy experience but also enjoyed his extended stay in Australia.

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