Access Policy & Rates

How to access our facilities and what beam-time charges you can expect.
Basis of Approval

All Australian researchers are eligible to use our facilities. To find the relevant technique and facility, we invite researchers to use TechFi® our online technique finder. Researchers apply for access through the host facility where the microscopy work is to be carried out. A full list of facility contact information is available on the Contact Us page.

Each Microscopy Australia facility website will explains the process from registration through to results and direct new users to an application form. The form will capture a standard set of information for assessment purposes, and tracking of outcomes. Online registration assigns users a local job number and begins the process of introduction at the facility.

Projects are assessed on scientific merit, feasibility and quality of research by the Facility Director and with relevant staff . Availability of relevant technical expertise and instrumentation, compliance with node OH&S and risk processes, and relevant ethics approval obtained by the user are also considered.

For details of how to apply and information on IP please download our complete Access & Pricing Policy.

Instrument Beam Time Guide

NEAT_PCE bearded technician in white coat examining equipment$40 – $60 +GST per hour for federally supported instruments.
$30 – $150 +GST per hour for other instruments.
Technical staff fees may also apply.

Commercial and industry clients will be charged at commercial rates determined by individual facilities. Contact the relevant facility for further detail about commercial beam-time charges. Please see our Industry Services page or contact our Business Development Manager, Dr. Jenny Whiting.

The following list shows a conservative estimate of time required per sample.

Transmission electron microscopy: 3-20 hours
Scanning electron microscopy: 0.5-4 hours
X-ray diffraction: 1-24 hours
Confocal or atomic force microscopy : 3-20 hours
X-ray microtomography: 1-15 hours
Atom probe tomography: 6-12 hours

Target Lead Time

The lead time from project approval to instrument booking is typically three weeks. Lead time depends on demand, availability of specimens, type of project and training needs.

 Acknowledge Us

The Microscopy Australia (formery the AMMRF) must be acknowledged in any publication, poster or presentation containing results and data from our instruments.